Introducing a Free SSL Certificate Monitoring

| Robert Balent

Monitoria is a service you can use to monitor your website and get alerted when something goes wrong. Today we are introducing SSL certificate monitoring.

It’s a general consensus that every website should use an SSL certificate and communicate through an encrypted connection.

However, certificates will expire. Automation will fail, or the renewal is forgotten. When this happens, your users will see a scary warning instead of your site. Or your service will have an outage. This happened countless times [1][2][3].

Image of website with expired SSL certificate
A website with an expired SSL certificate

SSL Certificate Monitoring

The main purpose of the SSL certificate monitoring is to remind you before your certificate expires.

Monitoria will check the certificate every 24 hours. When your certificate is close to expiration, you will receive a notification. Notification will be sent 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the expiration. Then every 24 hours, when SSL connection can’t be established.

To establish an SSL connection, the whole SSL certificate chain must be valid. That’s why Monitoria will also verify the expiration time of all intermediate and root certificates.

Image of SSL monitor overview page
Overview of the SSL monitor

To create an SSL monitor, open the Dashboard and click on the New SSL Monitor button. Fill in the URL you want to monitor and click on the Create Monitor button.

That’s it. Two clicks can save you from a big outage.

You can find more information about SSL monitoring in our documentation.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, let me know at I’ll be happy to hear from you.